3D visualization allows full control over every aspect of the image right down to the reflections or surface of a material. 3D visualization helps create visuals that may either be impossible to create or too costly to create with photography.

3D visualization are not limited to the consumer product industry. Many other industries can also benefit from these services—automotive, architectural, medical, pharmaceutical, fashion, and others. If visual content in any capacity is required, 3D visualization services may be the perfect solution.


Virtual reality is an almost-too-real-and-highly-immersive experience that will eventually include all sensory inputs. The mind can actually be tricked into thinking what it's experiencing is real. It can allow us to experience a situation, that in real life might risk bodily or physical harm. What about trying on clothes without  leaving your house? How about hiking Mount Everest from the comfort of your own home? People can ease their fear of heights by walking a tightrope at the top of a skyscraper, the mere thought of this is enough to send our minds into a tailspin.


A media production gives the product a story and purpose. "A picture says more than a 1000 words". Probably true, but media productions says even more. A video make your presentation more engaging, it’s also an opportunity to make your presentation more memorable. It can help the audience relate to your material. Facts and figures tell a good story, which can be further supported with video/animation. Showing a program in action, demonstrating how a project came together, sharing feedback from stakeholders or participants, or highlighting the effect of an issue or policy.


WISE Production can, regarding it´s expertise, hold lectures, project advisor, attend or conduct seminars, consult in graphic-design. Are you curious about the background of WISE Production, then you can read more here.

WISE Production, founded by Andréas Wahlman in 2018.
WISE Production AS is a tech-startup company located in Sauda/Norway.

Visualization (2D/3D- and 3D-animation) and media production is two of three cornerstones in the company. The third is that we are building virtual reality simulations

for educational purposes and professionals working in dangerous or complicated environments. VR-simulation is a safe and economic solution.
WISE Production delivers innovative and dynamic solutions
to help our clients’ visions to life.

"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Abraham Lincoln





Thank you for your interest regarding our services. For any inquiries, commission requests, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.