The system is aimed for:

  • Police

  • Military / national guard

  • ​Security guards

  • ​Fire Department & rescue services

  • ​Preparedness / emergency drills

  • ​Oil & ​gas

  • ​Onshore industry

Organizations and companies with special needs of practicing in difficult and complex situations

VRSTARS * in development

Virtual Reality Simulated Training And Reflection System

Practicing realistic situations can be directly dangerous to those who do the exercises. It is not only costly to guarantee security, but also a risk that can have major consequences. Military personnel, fire departments, police officers and other rescue workers are some example of professionals who regularly need to practice risky operations around civilians. The amount of training these professionals need, may be the difference between life and death in a actual situation.


  • Practice communication and action in rare situations with dynamic events without external influences or disturbances

  • Training can be carried out without having to close off public places

  • Exercises can begin with new conditions without variable costs

  • Scenarios can be easily customized

  • Perform cheaper and more regular exercise compared to traditional physical exercises

  • No restriction in geographically simulated areas.

VRSTARS are developed for this particular tasks and much more.

The system is flexible and realistic. With its advanced platform, training can be done with others (in the same environment at the same time). The participators does not need to be at the same place geographically. The system is constructed so that the entire scenario can be analyzed afterwards in full 3D and audio, together with exercise-management (which can also be offsite). But above all, it is an important exercise tool-set. A mobile version makes the system easily to be moved.

Exercise areas can range from 3x3meters to 30x30meters (and above), the subjects can walk, run and crawl. This is done wireless and everything is controlled by the subject’s own natural movements. The subjects interact not only with each other, but also with computer-controlled AI in the form of NPC´s (Non-Player Character). The NPC´s behaviors is depending on how the subjects act in the given situation. Haptic-feedback vests can be worn during training. This means that right or wrong decisions can give a physical consequence. Other equipment such as weapons have a simulated physical recoil that will imitate reality. This is to ensure immersion and realism in to the exercise.


The system do NOT replace real life training!

It´s a system that adds that extra educational-, controlled-, training environment 



Make difficult exercises possible Increase the opportunity to save lives Provide greater experience and broader knowledge Provide more effective training Validate learning outcome Provide measurable and consistent
learning scenarios
Increase teamwork capabilities Custom scenarios Practical and precise training in difficult situations when you need it Cost effective Fewer physical resources Less travel expenditure Time-saving 

Communication Few or none "markers" Independent of weather and climate conditions Be flexible, iterative and easy to document

Development partner: WITS AB